Our Story

A Shared Passion for Waffles

The Beginnings of Deekenek

Fee and Rami were bound to create something extraordinary. Their shared origins in the waffle capital fueled a mutual obsession for food and flavors, particularly waffles. Seeking to change the perception of waffles as a low-cost, low-quality dessert, their journey led them to London, where they launched Deekenek in 2020.

Unique Flavors and Authentic Recipes

Crafting the Deekenek Experience

In no time, Deekenek expanded its reach to Seven Dials Market. Fee and Rami meticulously crafted unique flavor combinations like ruby chocolate, apple pie, and the Belgian classic speculoos.

Each morning, they prepared the waffle dough from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients such as French butter and real Madagascar vanilla. This commitment to quality and homemade creations set Deekenek apart from other waffle shops.

Conquering London's Taste Buds

London's Waffle Sensation

Deekenek's presence at Seven Dials Market proved to be a game-changer. The perfect on-the-go snack while exploring the shops around the Dial, their hand-held waffles became a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The duo's hard work and dedication to quality ingredients and innovation have solidified Deekenek's status as a rising star in the London dessert scene.