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What our customers think

  • "They arrived exactly on time . Freshly made and lovely and warm. They were excellent and my granddaughter loved them also. I will buy them again."

    Jennifer R.

  • "Best way to start the day. I've ordered one of each of their flavours and can't decide which one is the best - I guess I'll have to order again to be able to decide. Highly recommend them (by themselves or with ice-cream). "

    Pedro V.

  • "So impressed they were truly delicious. Lovely delivery driver too wished my daughter a happy birthday. We will order again ASAP. Thanks again x"

    Katie L.

  • "Amazing waffles! Im embarrassed to say I had 5 in my delivery (a wonderful complementary waffle) and we ate them all in under an hour....It's like going to Belgium. I had never found any similar in the UK!"

    Jeanne R.

With every bite, you taste all the craft that went into them.