Brioche waffle

The very best waffle

Liege waffles are simply the best - their unique blend of rich, sweet dough and caramelized pearl sugar creates a perfect balance of crispy and chewy. Experience the difference in every bite and savor the best waffle you'll ever taste! Yes, this one is stuffed with Belgian chocolate. Find us around London, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates on our locations.

  • Jeanne R.

    Amazing waffles! I'm embarrassed to say I had 5 in my delivery (a wonderful complementary waffle) and we ate them all in under an hour....It's like going to Belgium. I had never found any similar in the UK!

  • Pedro V.

    Best way to start the day. I've ordered one of each of their flavours and can't decide which one is the best - I guess I'll have to order again to be able to decide. Highly recommend them (by themselves or with ice-cream).

  • Dexter L.

    The waffles themselves really look the part, with the glistening sugar pearls visible throughout.

    Distinctly the best waffles I’ve had in the UK, and I’ll definitely be buying more.

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