Join the crew!

Fresh waffles made everyday

Here at Deekenek, we're all about delivering waffle-tastic service with a side of sass, and we can't do it without a squad of quirky, passionate, and clever folks like you. Working at Deekenek ain't your run-of-the-mill gig – it's a rollercoaster ride of growth, learning, and high-fives, as long as you're ready to give it your all.Our rockstar store managers? They started as trainees, just like you! We tossed them opportunities to sprout wings and soar as Deekenek reached new heights. With more stores poppin' up and our waffle empire expanding, there's plenty of room for your own meteoric rise.

Part time

15-35 hours per week, primarily focused on front-of-house duties and kitchen assistance to begin.

At Deekenek, you'll kick off your waffle-wrangling adventure by serving our lovely customers and assisting with the daily operations of our cozy waffle havens.

As you dive into the world of waffles, you'll also undergo our scrumptious Deekenek Waffle Wizard training program.

Get ready to level up your waffle game with Deekenek!


35+ hours per week. Prior food experience needed. Waffle-making experience is a plus but not a deal-breaker.

Get ready to flex your culinary muscles as a full-time Deekenek Waffle Artisan!

You'll be involved in the waffle-crafting process while also lending a hand in the daily hustle and bustle of the shop.

Whip up some waffle magic and become a key player in Deekenek's flavorful journey!


• Competitive salary and hourly rates for all employees.

• Flexible work schedule to accommodate personal needs and preferences.

• Enjoy a fun and social working environment that promotes team collaboration.

• Get trained as a waffle artisan and add new skills to your resume.

• Satisfy your cravings with free delicious waffles as part of your employee benefits.