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Box of 4 will come with:

1x Chocolate Sticks

This is one of our favourite, our OG waffle filled with real Belgian chocolate. 🍫

1x OG

Our traditional Belgian Liege waffle packed with sugar pearls that burst into irresistible aromas, a caramelized flavour and a subtle hint of vanilla.

1x Cinnamon Sugar

Our original waffles covered in Ceylon cinnamon sugar. One of our favourite.

1x Matcha:

The Belgian Liege waffle revisited with matcha tea. The matcha-buttery flavour will turn anyone into a matcha fan. 

Our waffles are handcrafted and freshly baked every morning. We recommend consuming them on the same day. 

Customer Reviews

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So impressed they were truly delicious. Lovely delivery driver too wished my daughter a happy birthday. We will order again ASAP. Thanks again x


Best way to start the day. I've ordered one of each of their flavours and can't decide which one is the best - I guess I'll have to order again to be able to decide. Highly recommend them (by themselves or with ice-cream).

Delicious, crisp and surprisingly light

The waffles arrived exactly on time still warm and steaming from the oven. I’d contacted support to ask about delivery and they even came with a little personal hand written message. Extremely impressed with the service.

The waffles themselves really look the part with the glistening sugar pearls visible throughout. They were great when they first arrived and on reheating the following day they maintained their delightful crispy shell and were very tasty.

We tried all the flavors available and the chocolate sticks was a clear favorite in our house it’s like a pain au chocolat but in a waffle and it’s glorious. The chocolate dough has a good flavor without being overpowering, the matcha was very nice though could do with a little more strength and the plain may have been plain but riddled with pockets of crunchy goodness and was fantastic with a nice cup of tea.

Two things I’d say could be improved, the matcha flavor was a little mild; I’d like to see a bit of a more intense flavoring and this is probably just personal preference but I wish they were a little doughier. I like them to have that crispy shell but almost be dough inside. Distinctly the best waffles I’ve had in the UK despite those small areas for improvement and I’ll definitely be buying more.